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You can use this page and the 14 pages for the cases as entrances to the web-site. The web-site is much more. It is a knowledge base with 937 pages with 13620 links between them.

To facilitate walking around on the web-site there are 7 types of navigation tools/menus. Use them. Read the guide to get to know how to use them.


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Read about the techniques, the contents sources, the author etc.

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The authors

The tool-kit is mastered by
Knud Erik Hansen
Danish Building Research Institute
based on reports from the Greenscom project.

How to promote the green

Green is often the weak part when population grow, when there is an increasing business activity and when investors look for more profit. But the green can get good support from green discourses.

The question is where to find and how to promote green discourses. That might be the decisive tool for a better balance between urban growth and the green. Read more

The essence of the case studies

The national teams have written short stories on the essence and main lessons learnt from the case stories in their county. Read : The Dutch, French, Swedish, and Danish story

The Urban Green Tool-kit

A tool-kit should help to act in a better way, to more effective, to be more able to reach want you want, etc. It should make you able to do thing you otherwise could not do.

A tool-kit is not just a kit with tools including a users guide. It is also knowledge about the context where you can use the tool.

The Urban Green Tool-kit is a product from the Greenscom project.

Read more about the the philosophy behind this tool-kit, and go to the guide to get to know how to navigate on the site.

The fourteen cases

Greenscom draws on knowledge from 14 case studies. They all have interesting contents on balancing growth and green. You can read about the tools uses and the context they are used in. Read more

Discourses made a difference

The three Danish cases show how discourses can make a difference. Read more

The benefits of theories

Read how the theories of communication and governance are relevant for practice. Read more

What is Greenscom

A project about the balance between urban open spaces and urban growth.

More on the Greenscom project

More on the Greenscom project can be found on a copy of the former home page. Also a page where you can download the reports and information about all the partners.